To successfully have a business presence online, a variety of tools are required.  

Deciding on what tools and services are best for you and your business is not always easy to determine, and with so many options and so many things you want to accomplish, it can quickly become overwhelming. 

And if you're not careful, you'll soon be subscribed to way too many things, paying way to much for each of them, and will be spending more of your time managing all your tools rather than working on growing your business.

I know this because I've been there, and in 2016 I made the commitment to myself and to my business to simplify. 

And simplify, I did!

I once was using well over 10 different tools and services, but now I ONLY USE THREE MAIN TOOLS, and I highly recommend each of them if you want to take control, simplify, and save money.
DISCLAIMER: I am an affiliate of each tool, which means I will make a small commission from your purchase if you decide to subscribe to these services via this page. I use these tools, or I wouldn't be recommending them, and if you sign up via my link, I appreciate you!
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One tool to rule them all!

OK, so I am a total super-fan of ClickFunnels. I use it to create websites, opt-in pages, checkout pages, up-sells, down-sells, etc.

You name it, and ClickFunnels can probably do it. 

It even can serve as your email service provider and affiliate software. 

Not only does just having one tool make my business life easier, but I figure I save over $870 per month to boot.

ClickFunnels is what I now use exclusively with clients, and I love helping entrepreneurs accelerate their business growth with ClickFunnels.

To help you get up to speed quickly with ClickFunnels, I have a variety of FREE FUNNELS you can add to your new account as well as a checklist of what exactly you need to do to start selling in as little as a week.

If you want your business to have its own domain name (i.e. you need to register your domain and have it hosted.

For this, I recommend DreamHost. I have used DreamHost exclusively since I bought my first domain name back in 2008. They are very reputable, don't try to up-sell you death (what I hate about GoDaddy), and they offer good customer support. 
The upgraded ClickFunnels account ($297 per month) includes "Actionetics", which is an autoresponder. If you have a larger list, then I recommend using ClickFunnels for email.

But if you have less than 10,000 subscribers, it can be more cost effective to have a separate autoresponder, and if that's the case, I highly recommend ConvertKit. ConvertKit makes email marketing and list building fun, which is saying a lot!
Here Are Other Tools I use:
  •  GOOGLE SUITE: Gmail, Google Drive, Youtube, etc. I live in the Google sphere.
  •   DROPBOX: I use the pro version and save virtually every file on my computer to Dropbox for safe keeping. Sharing files is also easy.
  •  ASANA:  When collaborating with others, Asana is the best way to keep track of projects, who has responsibility, and goals.
  •  CALENDLY: An easy scheduler for clients to book time with me. It syncs seamlessly with my Google Calendar.
  •  FRESHBOOKS: For bookkeeping and keeping my finances in check. 
  • CANVA Makes designing images easy. 
  • HOOTSUITE: Social Media Monitoring. I especially love the Bulk Upload feature.
  • GUMROADEasily sell and/or give away digital content with Gumroad. EASY.
  •  YETI USB MICROPHONE: Quality audio is crucial. Get a good mic.
  •  SCREENFLOW: I use Telestream's Screenflow app to record video content on my mac. Camtasia is an alternative for those on a PC.
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